About Furo + Shiki 

At Furo + Shiki we provide beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly wrapping fabric (furoshiki) that can be used over and over again.


We offer a creative alternative to disposable paper gift wrap and plastic bags.  

Furo + Shiki are all about introducing the wonderful art of furoshiki (Japanese wrapping fabric) to the UK.

We wish to promote furoshiki as an example of a well-designed product that is versatile and encourages people to re-use fabric wraps as a creative alternative to disposable paper gift wrap and plastic bags.

Furo + Shiki provide a solution to change the way we interact with disposable packaging.


We know it can take a change in perspective to incorporate furoshiki into daily life so we have put together some ideas on how to wrap to get you started.


The versatility of furoshiki can stretch as far as your imagination. Some of our ideas for use include...


Gift Wrap

Scarf / Shawl

Shopping Bag


Lunch Box / Bento Box Wrap

Play Mat

Picnic Mat

Decoration (a wall hanging)


and of course when your furoshiki is not in use it folds up compactly.



We sell all kinds of furoshiki from playful to luxury and designs which feature the very best of both traditional and modern Japanese printing techniques.

All our furoshiki are currently made in Japan and our designs showcase some of the best Japanese design talent. Find some more information about our current designers here.

We have future plans to work with UK based designers too.

Take a look at our furoshiki to see what the individual designs mean. 

We are a Sheffield based company in the UK and sell our furoshiki at local gift and craft fairs


 Keep an eye on our blog to see where we will be  


5% of our profits go to local charities which actively support wellbeing and the environment

All our paper packaging is recycled and recyclable. We use printers who are committed to best environmental practice.

Reduce - Re-use - Recycle

By reducing the use of unnecessary packaging and by being more mindful about what and how we use products we can tread a little lighter on the earth. 


Using quality products which have a longer life span can help to avoid unnecessary waste. 

Many of our designs can be symbolic and when given as a gift they can help you to express your feelings for someone.


Taking care of your furoshiki will increase its life span. We recommend hand washing or machine washing on a gentle cycle in cold water then air drying.